Laser Hair Therapy

Electrolysis by B.R. Stewart

True electrolysis dates back to 1875.  While a complete description is lengthy and highly technical, basically, the electrologist directs a tiny, split-second impulse down to the hair root, destroying it instantly.  Every part of the body (except the nose) can benefit from electrolysis. 

A very special type of probe, developed specifically for electrolysis is used, but there's no almost no feeling at all - at most, a slight tingling sensation.  Results are instantaneous and permanent, but multiple treatments are usually necessary to eliminate all unwanted hair.

Electrolysis is clearly superior to other hair removal methods such as depilatories, waxing, or shaving.  Wherever your problem hair is located, electrolysis is a cost-effective and medically safe method to achieve clear, hair-free skin. 

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